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Traffic generation has changed since I started online marketing so many years ago, my first goal was mastering organic search, it was easy even without a strategy, just a small handful of keywords, a couple of backlinks and you owned the organic search results. It’s not the same today, not at all. 

 Organic Search in 2020 is about to change forever. The Big 4 (Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook) have created an impenetrable fortress, a walled garden designed to do one thing, to reduce your reach, forcing you to increase your spend on ads. The changes that are coming down the road will affect your ability to track your advertising effectively.

Not knowing how your ads are performing are going to result in increased ROAS, increase your ad spend, resulting in lost revenue, and decreased profit margins.

 Paid ads aren’t the only area that’s already been, and continue to be affected. Every area of the internet is at risk! Every area of technology is affected. If you market online the coming trends are going to make headlines. Search engines are stealing our revenues, the same goes for big advertising platforms too. These platforms have chosen to favor big brands and turned against small to mid-sized businesses.

For example, 48.96% of organic searchers never leave the #1 Search Engine

Giant Search Engines Are Stealing Your Content And You Revenues. Here’s What Rand Fishkin (CEO – Moz, SparkTo) has to say.

“Google’s scraping and re-publishing (ironically enough, something that Google’s own webmaster guidelines discourage), but in millions of cases, Google is using information they scrape from your sites to answer the query before any click can happen (and before any value can accrue to the work’s creator).”

 Not only are they scraping content, but the big tech companies are also encroaching on organic results by making paid search look like organic search results. The change is coming. See these headlines 49% of all Google searches are no click., Or  New Findings show Google organic clicks are shifting to paid. changed

 What is the difference between paid search and organic search?

The differences are dramatic. Paid search dominates the top search listings, the business who can pay more to acquire a customer wins the 1st spot, contenders will have to pay to play.

 Organic search results fall a little lower on the page, but the clicks can be priceless. Paid search or pay-per-click (PPC) as it’s commonly referred to is exactly as it sounds. If I am a mover in Tampa, Florida, I can target geographic phrases, keyword phrases such a “moving company Tampa Florida” or intent-based keywords “hire a moving company Tampa Florida”, or research-based search ‘best mover Tampa Florida”.

 Based on the amount you bid on the keyword phrase, you pay every time someone clicks. On the other hand, a content page, community blog, or website will grab the organic search results listed below the paid search advertisements.

 Organic search results are based on an array of factors such as the amount of content contained in the post, the relevancy of the content, how often the content was viewed, engaged with, or shared. A large part of generating free organic search traffic if by getting relevant websites to link back to you.

 How do I get organic search results?

 To start generating search results we can do it in 3 easy steps.

Know your business type, know your market target, speak to them often in the tone of caring, empathy and truly giving help, providing valuable advice, resources, and helping them grow.

How do I increase organic search results?

Let’s talk about the top 7 ways to increase organic search traffic In 2020, first understand it’s a “whole new world.” Search Engine Journal says “Is your online business or agency ready for the zero-click search hurricane headed your way?”

 Understanding the organic search platform makes us better marketers, knowing what the goal is for organic search, and organic traffic generation is helping us create a gameplan to own as much SERP  (Search Engine Results Pages) positon 1 – 10 in the organic results.

Step #1 Start with good research.

Know your audience, know what they’re asking, and give it to them as no one else has. Create content that visually appealing, planned out in a well thought out format, designed to engage the reader. 

 Make a list of interest or topics your ideal avatar would have

  • Make a list of long-tail keywords to use in your content
  • Build content pages for each topic, sprinkle with keywords.
  • Set up a CMS or blogging system to publish content regularly.
  • Publish Content Daily if possible, 3 times per week at a minimum
  • Create a plan to build relative inbound links to your content & home pages
  • Compress all media formats before uploading it to your website.
  • Stay current on your progress, measure and track your data

Step #2 Design your content with the ease of reading.

Structure it in a way that makes the conversation flow. Don’t be boring and overly technical, have fun, show yourself! People want to see who’s behind the brand, the voice, the brain, the story.

 Create a format

  • Use various post styles, and topics
  • Use high-quality images relative to your topic.
  • Write for people, not for organic results.

Step #3 Leverage what works

According to Brian Dean founder of the #1 traffic strategy he’s doubling down on is Video. I don’t know about you but I ain’t no “John Travolta” I’m kind of like George Costanza from Seinfeld. I’m just kidding but being comfortable with the camera takes practice. Use video as a focal point of your organic search results. You don’t have to start with it, but do engage it soon.


Youtube, Facebook Video, Facebook Live, Vimeo, TikTok. All types of video platforms, and formats/

  •  Definitely use Video as one of your traffic methods, it should not be your only strategy

  • Use a combination of text, image, video, and audio to engage across all social platforms that are relevant to you.
  • Email marketing is a great way to get repeat organic traffic and increase organic search rankings

Step #4 Understand the compounding nature of content marketing.

Understand the compounding nature of content marketing, combined with the power of SEO, and time. Search Engine Optimization or “SEO” plays a huge factor in how your organic search results play out, as you build content, don’t just create content to take up space, create content that is likable, sharable, useable, actionable, valuable, and useable as a sales tool. 


Articles like ‘how to’s” “10 best” “The comprehensive guide” get lots of shares, love or my favorite create a controversial story to get engagement. 


“How to drive more organic traffic in 2020”, “How To Drive more Facebook Organic Traffic To Your Site”, “ 6 Ways to Get More Organic Traffic, Without ranking Your Website”, “Google is Delivering Less Organic Search Traffic Than Last Year.”


If it produces results for your client, your organic results will increase over time. It will naturally be shared.

Step #5 layout a simple content marketing plan to fuel your organic search results plan, and stick to it.

Everyone preaches a wide net you have to have ten thousand pieces of content on 99 social platforms, 350 blog posts, 120 videos every month to complete. I know I said Big Tech is about to screw us but come on that amount of work is insane. Organic traffic generation does not have to be overwhelming or complicated.


Remember done is better than perfect, strive for quality over quantity, detailed and well thought out content gets better “search engine love” which results in more organic traffic.

Step #6 Know what you are saying, and who you’re saying it too.

In my industry, if I get all technical with a client their eyes glaze over, they give me a blank stare. But if I give them a valuable reason as to why they want to work with me for example “Our NUMBER ONE goal is to help you generate Messenger subscribers to get your warm audience into Messenger.”


And the conversation naturally continues… The same goes for your content, do you speak vaguely, overly technical, maybe not at all?

Step #7 Set a goal for your progress.

What is your 30, 60, 90-day plan? Are you starting from ground zero and a new site with zero traffic, or do you have traffic and want to improve ROAS if you rely on paid advertising.

 Set up your tracking with Google Analytics to count your progress

  • Add the Facebook pixel even if you aren’t using social media “TRUST ME!”
  • Choose not one but 2 traffic sources to work on.
  • Make that goal measurable. “I am going to CONSISTENTLY generate A MINIMUM OF 1,000 visitors per month to my website in 90 days.

There you have it. The Top 7 Strategic Ways To Increase Organic Search In 2020. What did you think, were you ready for more tactics?

 Is organic search good? Heck yes, it’s good, there’s nothing like a targeted lead for free!

 What are organic keywords? Simple, organic search keywords are the keyword phrases people are searching for on google, phrases like Find a mover Tampa, pet store near me, I need a mortgage broker…

 How do I grow organic on Google? Organic traffic takes time, commitment, strategy. Follow this guide, be steady, remember the tortoise and the hair? The tortoise won due to consistency alone. Publish, promote, and stay persistent. Learn SEO, or outsource it later on.

 What is organic search competition? The search competition is all of the other results showing up fo your keyword. The goal is to rank higher than the competition by utilizing SEO strategy and methods to build up the rankings of the content piece, by obtaining relevant off-page links, and on-site factors.

 What’s my organic traffic generation, and organic search plan? My plan is a simple one, create 1 blog post per week, 1 video per week, social media daily to drive organic leads to my site. To stay on target I have to keep it simple. Review the result every 30 days. Listen to the feedback, adjust as necessary and continually improve.

 I’d like to know did you find this valuable, are you up for a 90-day improvement in your organic rankings? Leave me a comment, let me know.

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